A. H. Robins Co., Inc.,

A. H. Robins Co
A. H. Robins Co., Inc. was located at 1407 Cummings Drive Richmond 20, VA (1956 they made the following)
Allbee Capsules
Allbee w/Vitamin C Capsules
Donnatal Capsuls
Donnatal Elixir
Donnatal Extentabs
Donnatal No. 2
Donnatal Plus
Donnatal Plus Elixir
Donnatal Tablets
Pabalate-Sodium Free

Pabalate and Pabalate - SF by the Robins Company


COMPOSITION: Each PABALATE tablet contains sodium salicylate 5 gr. (0.3 Gm.), para-aminobenzoic acid (as the sodium salt) 5 gr. (0.3 Gm.) and ascorbic acid 50 mg. Each PABALATE-SODIUM FREE tablet contains potassium salicylate 5 gr. (0.3 Gm.), para-aminobenzoic acid (as the po-tassium salt) 5 gr. (0.3 Gm.) and ascorbic acid 50 mg.

ACTION AND USES: The established anti-rheumatic efficacy of the salicylate component is positively enhanced by para-amino-benzoic acid through its synergistic analgesic action and its elevation of the plasma salicylate level, brought about by retardation of the rate of urinary excretion of salicylate. Previously inadequate plasma salicylate concentrations are raised to therapeutically adequate levels even on minimal dosage. The therapeutic dosage of ascorbic acid in each tablet insures the full activity of the other components.

PABALATE tablets are indicated primarily for adults suffering from rheumatic affections such as rheumatoid arthritis, acute rheumatic fever, fibrositis, gout and osteoarthritis.


PABALATE-SODIUM FREE is recom-mended as an anti-rheumatic in cases where restriction of sodium intake is indicated as in congestive heart failure, essential hypertension, and pregnancy. Also when salicylate therapy is used in conjunction with ACTH or Cortisone.

ADMINISTRATION AND DOSAGE: Average adult dosage is 2 tablets 4 or more times daily. In acute stages or exacerbations, the physician may wish to increase the dose considerably. The dosage for children is proportional to age and severity of the con-dition. Prolonged administration is often essential for maximal relief and rarely is attended by side effects.


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