Glass Mortars

Glass, Pocelain and Ceramic Mortar and Pestles
The modern glass mortar and pestle is the most commonly used today. It is sturdy, durable and easy to work with on a day to day basis. Below are some examples of ceramic, porcelain, and glass mortar and pestles.
The advantage of a glass mortar and pestle is that drugs don't usually adhere or abhere to the sides. Along with the lower cost this makes the glass mortar and pestle the choice of modern compounding pharmacists.


Glass Mortar and Pestles Used Today
Glass mortar and pestles are the most commonly used today due to their cost and function. Below are examples of functional and decorative mortar and pestles. Some of these like the white ceramic mortar with the gold leaf were never intended to be used. They were intended to be displayed as the symbol for pharmacy. They replace show globes as the pharmacy symbol at the turn of the 1900's.

Green Ceramic Mortar and Pestle
Porcelain Mortar and Pestle for Display Purposes Only
Functional and Modern Glass Mortar and Pestle