Ear, Eye, Nose Ant Throat Preparations

Defender Throat & Nasal Atomizer
Asepto Thermometer
Defender Throat & Nasal Atomizer The United Drug Company

Throat Atomizer

The Defender Throat & Nasal Atomizer was made by The United Drug Company. Throat sprays were placed into the clear glass globe and a squeeze of the bulb would atomize and propel the medication into the mouth and throat of the patient easing sore throat.


Eye Wash
Octine Eye Wash was a self contained eye wash system. The cap doubles as a guide for the solution to bathe the surface of the eye.

Also produced were glass eyewash devices such as those pictured below. A solution was added to the device and the barrel of the plunger was activated to release the solution and bathe the surface of the eye. Many of the eye washes contained ingredients such as boric acid. Other old ingredients for the eye contained mercury preparations that would kill bacterial infections.

Eye Treatments

Below notice the glass eye apparatus that looks similar to a syringe. A medication was placed into the barrel of the eye apparatus then place against the eye. The plunger was then pushed to force the medication into the eye.


Octine Eye Wash Walgreens Company
Murine Eye Wash & Administering Devices Murine Solution