Page's Inhalers

Page's Inhalers smoked to treat asthma

Page's Inhalers

Page's Inhalers were smoked "for the temporary relief of the paroxysms of asthma and to aid in the relief of the discomforts dut to excessive secretions in the nasal passage associated with hay fever and simple nasal irritations. Page's Inhalers were produced by the Consolidated Chemical Company of Grand Rapids, Michigan which was established in 1892.

Directions for use of Page's Inhalers

To relieve the distress of bronchial paroxysms, smoke one or two Page's Inhalers, INHALING THE SMOKE. Prescribed dosage four a day. How to inhale. Exhaust the lungs of air, then fill the mouth with smoke and take a deep breath, drawing the smoke down into the lungs. Hold a few seconds, then exhale, through mouth and nostrils.

If Page's Inhalers do not afford the relief claimed for them when used as directed, the purchaser's money will be refunded upon return of the unused portion to the manufacturer.