Old Fashioned Sleep Aids

Sedaquilin was an OTC Sleep Aid

Sedaquilin was made by Sedaquil Inc

Sedaquilin was a brand name over-the-counter sleep aid made by the Sedaquil Company of Bedford, Ohio. It contained Thenylpyramine HCl, Salicylamide, Phenacetin, Scopolamine HBr and Hyoscyamine Sulfate.

It claimed to contain "hospital tested ingredients guaranteed to give you better relief". Additionally it claimed to be "Safe non-habit forming".

Twilite was made by the Pfeiffer Co.

Twilite was a brand made by the Pfeiffer Co

Twilite was an OTC that contained 25 mg of Phenyltoloxamine Citrate and 100 mg Salicylamide. Phenyltoloxamine is the antihistamine/muscle relaxant used in Percogesic. Salicylamide is similar to aspirin.

Levacet Tablets are currently available and contain the same combination of drugs that Twilite did. Twilite was made by the Pfeiffer Company of Saint Louis, MO. The Pfeiffer Company was started by pharmacist Adolph Pfeiffer whoe graduated from the St. Louis College of Pharmacy in 1874. Interestingly Twilite is still being made but now contains Diphenhydramine.