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Acylanid; Acetyldigitoxin-alpha, a crystalline cardiac glycoside produced from lanatoside A (one of the glycosides of Digitalis lanata)



Belladenal; Bellafoline® with phenobarbital. ACTION: Antispasmodic-Sedative. USES: Relief of pain, hypersecretion and hypermotility in spastic disorders of the G.I., biliary, and genito-urinary systems and for dysmenorrhea.

Bellafoline®; COMPOSITION: Bellafoline is the total levorotatory alkaloids from fresh belladonna leaves, in stable form as malates. ACTION AND USES: Antispasmodic for smooth-muscle spasm and whenever vagal inhibition is indicated. 

Bellergal; COMPOSITION: Each tablet contains: 0.1mg. Bellafoline®, 0.3mg. Ergotamine Tartrate, and 20mg. (1/3 gr.) Phenobarbital.

Cafergot®; (Formerly Cafergone) Ergotamine w/Caffeine. ACTION AND USES: Most effective oral and rectal preparations yet available for checking or relieving attacks of migraine and other types of recurrent, throbbing headache (vascular headaches). Best results are obtained by administration early in the attack (see dosage directions below). Whenever pre-headache prodromata are experienced by the patient he should use the prescribed form of Cafergot immediately. This will correct the vascular disturbance (i.e. dilation of cranial arteries) that causes the throbbing pain of such headaches. Cafergot is not a narcotic.




Cedilanid; COMPOSITION: Pure, crystalline, lanato-side C, naturally-occurring glycoside of Digitalis lanata. ACTION AND USES: All indications of digitalis. NOTE: Cedilanid is prepared in form of Tablets and Liquid for oral use. For data on the parenteral form see the companion product Cedilanid-D.

Cedilanid-D; COMPOSITION: Ampul solution of pure, desacetyl-lanatoside C, a cardioactiye glycoside formed by subjecting Lanatoside C to mild, alkaline hydrolysis. Cedilanid-D is chemically stable and its dosage is standardized gravimetrically. Being more soluble than the parent glycoside, Cedilanid-D provides an improved preparation for Intramuscular administration. Its clinical properties (cardiac effects are the same as those of Lanatoside C (Cedilanid) preparations. ACTION AND USES: Cedilanid-D has a short latent period and a wide therapeutic margin; it is therefore a most safe cardiotonic for parenteral administration in standard dosage and is recommended for cases requiring rapid digitalization. Cedilanid-D and Cedilanid have all the indications of digitalis.

D.H.E. 45; COMPOSITION: D.H.E. 45 is Dihydroergotamine methanesulfonate, a crystalline alkaloid produced by hydrogenation of ergotamine. ACTION AND USES: Like the parent alkaloid ergotamine, D.H.E. 45 relieves attacks of recurrent throbbing headache (e.g. migraine) by checking the cranial vasodi-latation involved in that type of pain. Hydrogenation improves the alkaloid clinically by reducing side effects (minimal likelihood of nausea). At the same time D.H.E. 45 retains the ability of the alkaloid to correct the craniovascular disturbance of vascular-type headaches. Thus D.H.E. 45 is particularly useful for those vascular headache patients who tolerate ergotamine poorly.




Fiorinal; COMPOSITION: Fiorinal is a tablet of 24 gr. isobutyl-allyl-barbituric acid, 2 gr. acetophenetidin, 3 gr. aspirin and 2/3 gr. caffeine.
ACTION AND USES: A sedative-analgesic preparation formulated, on the basis of clinical experience, specifically for the relief of Tension Headache. Relieves pain due to muscular tension, craniovascular disturbance and the anxiety which underlies tension headache. Also reported as effective for headache due to sinusitis.


Gynergen; COMPOSITION: Crystalline ergotamine tartrate, U.S.P. ACTION AND USES: The specific action of Gynergen to relieve head pain caused by a vascular mechanism makes it useful as a diagnostic aid: relief of the pain by 1 cc. injected early in the attack is almost conclusive evidence that the headache is of the vascular type. To avert the migraine attack and other types of recurrent, throbbing headache (vascular headache).

Hydantal; COMPOSITION: Mesantoin 0.1 Gm. and Phenobarbital 0.02 Gm. (1/3 grain). ACTION AND USES: For antiepileptic action. (See Mesantoin below.) Also provides central sedation for cases complicated by tension. ADMINISTRATION AND DOSAGE: Procedure as with Mesantoin; Average Adult Dose: 3 or 4 tabs, daily. PRECAUTIONS: Same as with Mesantoin.

Hydergine; Hydergine consists of an equiproportional mixture of the hydrogenated ergot alkaloids: dihydroergocornine methanesulfonate dihydroergocristine methanesulfonate dihydroergokryptine methanesulfonate Available in two dosage forms : Sublingual Tablets, 0.5mg. (consisting of 0.167 mg. of each alkaloid). Ampuls, 1 cc. size (0.3 mg.—consisting of 0.1mg. of each alkaloid). ACTION AND USES: Hydergine produces vascular dilatation and increased peripheral blood flow; lowers elevated systemic blood pressure; and slows the heart rate. It is used for:
Geriatric-type conditions: relief of symptoms such as headache, dizziness, failing memory, elevated B.P., palpitation, tachycardia, intermittent claudication and vascular spasm. Peripheral Vascular Disease (both functional and organic forms): corrects venous insufficiency, aids healing of ulcers, protects against chilling, relieves intermittent claudication. It provides a safe degree of hypotensive effect and relieves subjective symptoms in Essential hypertension.

Ipesandrine Syrup; COMPOSITION: Flavored syrup of pure opium alkaloids, emetine and ephedrine as hydrochlorides. ACTION AND USES: Combined expectorant, cough sedative and bronchial antispas-modic.


Mesantoin; COMPOSITION: Methyl-phenyl-ethyl-hy-dantoin. ACTION AND USES: Anti-epileptic for grand mal, combined grand mal and petit mal, psychomotor and focal types of seizures.

Methergine; COMPOSITION: Methylergonovine tartrate. ACTION AND USES: Selective uterotonic action, for obstetric use. More intense and sustained than ergonovine; relatively free of vasopressor action (in contrast to rather frequent pressor effect from ergonovine)

Neo-Calglucon; COMPOSITION: Double gluconate of calcium: calcium gluconogalactogluconate in Syrup and Effervescent Tablets. ACTION AND USES: Provides the physiologic actions of the calcium ion, e.g. in formation of healthy bone and tooth structure during gestation and childhood. Supplies calcium during periods of high physiologic demand, e.g. pregnancy, lactation and the period of growth. The high solubility of Neo-Calglucon makes for good absorption when it is taken about 1 hour before the meal. In acute deficiency states (e.g. tetany) used to supplement Neo-Calglucon by injection. 



Panthesine Ointment

Plexonal®; COMPOSITION: Plexonal produces sedation through synergism of the agents D.H.E. 45 and scopolamine with subthreshold doses of barbiturates. Each tablet contains : Sodium diethylbarbiturate 45.0mg. Sodium phenylethylbarbiturate 15.0mg. Sodium isobutylallylbarbiturate 25.0mg. Scopolamine hydrobromide 0.08mg.
Dihydroergotamine methanesulfonate 0.16 mg.
ACTION AND USES: Plexonal® is a new type of sedative-hypnotic in which the central and autonomic inhibitory actions of D.H.E. 45 (Dihydroergotamine) are used to enhance the sedation by barbiturates. The scopolamine aids rapid onset of action. The total combined action provides optimal sedation with subthreshold dosage of barbiturates.