Intestinal Preparations

Stomach Preparations
Stomach preparations usually treat either constipation, heartburn, indigestion or appetite concerns. Early patent medicines for the stomach were bitters. The thought was that an alkaline chemical usually derived from plants would treat stomach problems because alkaline is bitter. It was assumed that anything bitter would work.
Other interesting appetite preparations included strychnine, which is often used to poison rodents. Strychnine, though quite poison, actually did increase the feeling of well being and increased the appetite.

Price's Russian Mineral Oil Hamline Pharmacy, St. Paul Minnesota
S.S.S. Tonic Company, Atlanta GA
S.P.R. Elixir KKK Medicine Co, Keokuk, IOWA
Promotional Gaviscon Antacid Tablets

Stomach Preparations often Contain Inorganic Ingredients
Intestinal preparations include laxatives, antacids, anti gas preparations, and intestinal evacuates. Ingredients in these preparations include Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium and Epsom salts, Peppermint oils, and vegetable compounds.

Many Drugstores had Their Own Preparations
Many drugstores had their own preparations that were sold under their own label. This was very common up until the 1960's. A pharmacist would purchase something in bulk like mineral oil then pour it into smaller bottles and label it with their own label. Below is an example of the predecessor of Soderlund Village Drug, Swedberg Drug mineral oil. Bob Swedberg owned Swedberg Drug from the 1950's through 1986.

Effervescent Laxative Salt and Swedberg Drug Mineral Oil
Intestinal Eliminants B-L Co. Atlanta, Ga - W.L. Medicine Co. Ch