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Soderlund Village Drug is a full service Minnesota compounding pharmacy with a reputation for competency in the art of prescription compounding. Soderlund Village Drug Compounding Pharmacy specializes in compounding natural hormone replacement therapy, pain management therapies, veterinary compounding and impotence compounding. If you need a compounded medication, a consultation with a compounding pharmacist, or a doctor or physician referral please contact us.

*** We bill your insurance company directly for your compound.
*** We will deliver your compound right to your door.
*** We provide doctor and physician referrals

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aserfwefawe4356.jpegFull Service Compounding Pharmacy
Soderlund Village Drug Compounding Pharmacy is located in the heart of the beautiful Minnesota River Valley in historic Saint Peter Minnesota. Village Drug is a full service compounding pharmacy; which means we actually make medications as well as dispense them. Soderlund Village Drug is locally owned but nationally known for its prescription compounding abilities. Soderlund Village Drug Compounding Pharmacy was established in 1986 and is one of Minnesota's largest compounding pharmacies.

Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy for Men's and Women's Health
The compounding pharmacists at Soderlund Village Drug specialize in natural hormone replacement therapy. Natural hormone replacement therapy provides the naturally occurring hormones in easy to take dosage forms. Compounding provides a way for men and women to take natural bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. The common names for female HRT are; bi-est, tri-est, bio-identical hormones, estriol, estrone, estradiol and progesterone. The common names for male HRT and impotence compounds are; trimix, bimix, PPP, DES and testosterone. For more information about natural hormone replacement therapy click on the Soderlund Village Drug compounding link.

6s5d4f65asd4e.jpegExperienced Compounding Pharmacists
The compounding pharmacy of Soderlund Village Drug has four registered compounding pharmacists on staff, each with years of specialized training and experience in the art of compounding. Our compounding pharmacists have personally formulated and compounded many remarkable compounds, including injections, troches, tablets and capsules, creams, gels and ointments, suppositories, suspensions and solutions.

Economic Compounding
Economic Compounding; it just makes sense! We at Soderlund Village Drug practice the art of compounding to achieve the highest quality standards. In addition we keep track of the economic aspect of medicine and compounding and pass the savings onto our patients. Soderlund Village Drug's compounding practice has kept its commitment to providing compounds to our patients regardless of their economic status. We provide many compounded prescriptions at little or no cost each year in an attempt to be good stewards of what God has provided to us. The compounding pharmacists at Soderlund Village Drug will also directly bill your compounds to your insurance company to make compounding more accessible to you.


Dedicated to Compounding and the Compounding Profession
The pharmacists of Soderlund Village Drug are dedicated to the practice of pharmacy. We are Board Registered pharmacists and are members of the International Academy of Compounding Pharmacists, the American Pharmacists Association, the Minnesota Pharmacists Association, the Mankato Area Pharmacists Association, the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists and the Saint Peter Chamber of Commerce to name. The pharmacists of Soderlund Village Drug hold licenses in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa and Nebraska and PIC of registry in many other states. In addition our pharmacists have completed courses in compounding and aseptic compounding.

65asd4fg564asdf.jpegOur Compounding Mission Statement
Our mission at Soderlund Village Drug; To provide full-service and competent pharmaceutical care to our patients through DUR's as well as professional compounding and to aid our colleagues in the medical field via innovation and expertise.


Compounded Medications We Regularly Compound
The kinds medications we regularly compound at Soderlund Village Drug; NHRT, HRT, impotence therapies, pain medications, topical pain medications, veterinary medications, compounding for veterinarians. Additionally we are pleased to provide compounding information directly to you.

What you should know prior to obtaining a compounded prescription
We at Soderlund Village Drug make no claim that any compounded prescription is bio-equivalent or therapeutically equivalent to any commercially manufactured drug. We make no claim regarding AUC, C-max, T-max or blood-levels of any compounded prescription. Compounded medications, with a reasonably good therapeutic index, are often dosed to an effect not a blood level. Compounded prescriptions are prescribed to meet the needs of an individual patient because a drug, strength, flavor, combination or dosage form is commercially unavailable.

At Soderlund Village Drug a written prescription from a licensed physician or veterinarian is required for compounded medications to be dispensed by our pharmacy. A valid prescription may be presented in person, faxed, mailed or phoned by a licensed practitioner or their representative/agent. We make no claims of safety or efficacy of any compounded prescription though we will be glad to share pertinent medical studies, published professional knowledge, journal articles and factual antidotal data with any prescriber or patient desiring more information. At Soderlund Village Drug no medication we compound is to be used in any food-producing animals.