Compounding pharmacy lab located in St. Peter Minnesota Compounding pharmacy lab located in St. Peter Minnesota

Compounding Pharmacy Located in Southern Minnesota
Soderlund Village Drug is a Minnesota compounding pharmacy located in downtown St. Peter along the Minnesota River. When it comes to compounding Pharmacies Soderlund Village Drug has an established history in Minnesota.

What is a compounding Pharmacy? Compounding is when a pharmacy has the ability to prepare custom medications to improve your health and well being. Compounding pharmacists are specially trained to actually make medications that your doctor prescribes. Compounding pharmacists often compound medications into capsules, liquids, ointments and injectables to name a few.

Soderlund Village Drug is committed to being a full-service compounding pharmacy. Our staff has been educated and trained in the art of compounding. Patients and doctors alike can confidently put their trust in the staff at Soderlund Village Drug, Minnesota’s Compounding Pharmacy of choice!

Minnesota Pharmacy Builds Reputation upon Compounding Minnesota Pharmacy Builds Reputation upon Compounding

Minnesota Compounding Pharmacy Builds Strong Reputation
Minnesota has a long and rich history of pharmacy compounding. My father graduated from the University of Minnesota College of Pharmacy in 1960. He had extensive compounding experience in the curriculum that was required at the University of Minnesota. My dad brought that compounding expertise he learned at the University of Minnesota and over 40 years of experience to his practice of pharmacy.

That compounding pharmacy tradition has been handed down to the next generation at Soderlund Village Drug. We at Soderlund Village Drug have built upon that compounding legacy and have earned a distinguished reputation in Minnesota as a full service compounding pharmacy.

Dedicated to compounding Dedicated to compounding

Minnesota Compounding Specialists
Contact the Minnesota compounding specialists at Soderlund Village Drug for all your compounding needs.

We are located in downtown St. Peter Minnesota in the heart of the celebrated Minnesota River Valley.

We will bill your insurance company directly for your compound.

Something to Consider
Information provided regarding specific medications and compounds are for informational purposes only. The information is not to be used to diagnose or treat a specific disease. Only your physician is qualified to do that. We make no claims of safety or efficacy of any compounded prescription though we will be glad to share pertinent medical studies, published professional knowledge, journal articles and factual antidotal data with any prescriber or patient desiring more information.