DOG DES.jpgVeterinary Medicine Compounding Pharmacy
Soderlund Village Drug's veterinary medicine compounding pharmacy compounds medications for veterinary patients. All Veterinary compounds are formulated upon receipt of a valid order form a licensed veterinarian.

Animals, like humans, can benefit from custom compounding. Pet pharmacies like Soderlund Village Drug allows the pet to receive the medication in a strength or dosage form that meets each animals specific needs. It is common in the veterinary compounding field for Doctors to prescribe medication that is commercially hard to find or discontinued. Pharmacists can draw on their expertise to compound discontunued medication for each specific animal.

Veterinary medicine is a branch of compounding that requires specialization and knowledge. We at Soderlund Village Drug specialize in veterinary medicine compounding!

Veterinary Compounding and the Veterinarian
Veterinarians utilize veterinary compounding to provide discontinued or unavailable medications for their patients. Soderlund Village Drug's policy is that we require a valid prescription from a licensed veterinarian prior to compounding. For information about Veterinary compounding call Soderlund Village Drug at 800-603-8196.

lion veterinary compounding Soderlund.jpgVeterinary Medicine Compounding Specialty
Preparation of veterinary medicine compounds requires knowledge, skill, chemicals and equipment not available in most pharmacies. The pharmacists at Soderlund Village Drug have been trained in the art of veterinary medicine compounding and even hold patents for their innovative compounds. Veterinary medicine compounding provides a tremendous variety of treatment options not available commercially.

Veterinary Medicine Problem-Solving Specialists
The pharmacists at Soderlund Village Drug veterinary medicine compounding pharmacy are prescription problem-solving specialists. From reformulated prescription medications to new combinations of medications, we can make nearly any veterinary medication you require.